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Walt Gurley

Data Visualization Analyst

D.H. Hill Jr. Library (East Wi 3108



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Date: 03/22/17 - 10/31/20
Amount: $414,000.00
Funding Agencies: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Along with a handful of other libraries, the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries has made strides in recent years in pioneering the use of large-scale visualization technologies for research and learning. However, the utilization, scale, and impact of large-scale, immersive visualization environments and the scholarship created within and for them are not as great as they could be. Our work has encountered the challenges common in early adoption of technology: projects and development are siloed and do not benefit from shared infrastructure, learning occurs through trial and error, and there are relatively few peers/collaborators to help with problem solving. The next step in the provision of technology-rich, academic visualization spaces is to develop best practices and collaborative frameworks that can benefit individual institutions by building economies of scale among collaborators. Support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation would facilitate the creation of this shared infrastructure and community network. Once this infrastructure is in place, the barriers to use for scholars will be significantly reduced, and libraries will be better positioned to serve our learning and research communities through these spaces and associated content and services.

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