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Wenpei Gao

Assistant Professor


Engineering Building I (EB1) 1011B


Wenpei Gao’s research focuses on developing correlative in situ imaging techniques in state-of-the-art advanced Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscopy to study the dynamics of nanostructured catalyst, which bridges the atomic scale mechanisms with reaction and transformation in chemistry. His expertise also includes advancing and applying four-dimensional electron microscopy at heterogeneous interfaces in functional oxide materials. Gao’s work has been recognized by numerous awards, including the Racheff-Intel Award for Graduate Research from the Univ. of Illinois, the 2012 Eric Samuel Award from the Microscopy Society of America, an Award of an Invited Student Talk at the 2013 Argonne National Laboratory Annual User Meeting, the Racheff/Burnett Teaching Fellowship at Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, the MSA Postdoctoral Award of 2019, and the Albert Crewe Award of 2021 from Microscopy Society of America.


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