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Theme 1: Sustainable agriculture, forestry, and rural, natural resource-based economies

agricultural flooding in North Carolina

Understanding and adapting to changing temperature and precipitation patterns, increases in severe storms, and subsidence and saltwater intrusion requires innovation. NC State faculty are innovating in agricultural water management, developing new technologies for promoting soil and plant health, strengthening aquaculture, and supporting commercial fishing industries with new science and technology.

Faculty and staff working on Theme 1

Mary Watzin

Dean and Professor Emeritus

Jared Bowden

Senior Research Scholar

Alper Bozkurt

Professor & ASSIST Center Deputy Director

Lucy Bradley

Professor and Extension Specialist Consumer and Community Horticulture

Michael Burchell II

Professor and Dept. Extension Leader

Jean Goodwin

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Robert Mera

Program Coordinator and Lecturer

David Reif

Unpaid Faculty All Ranks

Amy Sawyers-Williams

Manager of Arts Outreach and Engagement

Robert Scheller

Assoc Dean – Natural Resources

Erin Seekamp

Goodnight Distinguished Professor, Director Coastal Resilience and Sustainability Initiative

Eli Typhina

Assistant Director of the Environmental Sciences Program

Rebecca Ward

Assistant State Climatologist