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Theme 5: Mutually beneficial engagement that emphasizes social equity

Holistic approaches that respect communities and consider cultures, the roots of poverty, and intersectional environmental science and justice offer the surest path to sustainable development and long-term resilience. Co-production of future research agendas with our partners is a pervasive goal across most undertakings.

Faculty and staff working on Theme 5

George Bonner

Director, North Carolina Renewable Ocean Energy Program

Jared Bowden

Senior Research Scholar

Lucy Bradley (she/her)

Extension Specialist, Consumer & Community Horticulture

Jean Goodwin

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Ross Meentemeyer

Goodnight Distinguished Professor of Geospatial Analytics

Katie Mosher

Assistant Director /Communications

Kirsten Paige

Asst Teaching Professor

Erin Seekamp PhD

Goodnight Distinguished Professor of Coastal Resilience and Sustainability

Kristin Siebenaler

Director, Business Analytics Initiative

Eli Typhina

Assistant Director of the Environmental Sciences Program