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Shoreline in New Hanover County, NC

Catalyzing Change

Our work will create a more resilient and sustainable future for coastal communities across North Carolina – and around the world.

Our Vision

The Coastal Resilience and Sustainability Initiative envisions a different future, one where natural ecosystems, coastal plain communities, and rural and agricultural economies are more resilient in the face of rapid social and environmental change. This Initiative will find actionable solutions that can inform the choices before us and lead to a more sustainable future.

A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Team Approach

In keeping with the University’s Strategic Plan and charged by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, this Initiative is deliberatively interdisciplinary. NC State has internationally recognized expertise in the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering and technology, and a long and vibrant history of sustained engagement with communities, businesses, and policy-makers. By building diverse teams that bring together different voices, perspectives, strengths and values, we can develop a clearer understanding of the forces that are reshaping our world and create solutions to address them.

Expertise and Interests Database

NC State faculty were surveyed about their expertise and interests regarding coastal resilience and sustainability. All 10 NC State colleges were represented in the 228 responses highlighting each faculty’s college, areas of expertise, collaboration interests, and primary projects.

The database (ARRIVING SOON) can be used to learn about faculty expertise and projects and to forge new collaborations focused on improving coastal resilience and sustainability.