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Jeremy Edmondson


Engineering Building II (EB2) 2054


Date: 08/16/21 - 5/31/22
Amount: $5,000.00
Funding Agencies: Framatome

Electric Motor Performance and Analysis Hardware, EMPATH® System platform combine a standard Laptop Computer and a Hardware Interface Module (HIM) diagnostic device to receive analog sensor signals, process them, and send them to the computer. Employing innovative digital signal processing techniques to raw motor current and voltage, EMPATH® detects numerous motor problems with bearings, rotor bars, insulation, misalignment, imbalance, voltage, current, and unusual conditions or wear. EMPATH Continuous Motor Monitoring system (ECMS) is Framatome’s next generation hardware and software. ECMS is designed to operate autonomously to acquire data from multiple electric machines then analyze the collected data. It then reports the findings to the users via emails, SMS’s and on-screen displays. ECMS data is stored in a server which can be accessed by the users for further analysis when needed. Currently, ECMS operation needs a 110/220 VAC power supply and an Ethernet connection to perform its functions. Framatome would like to expand ECMS operations to the electric machines that are located at remote locations that have no access to the wired networks. For this purpose, Framatome would like to communicate with the acquisition device using satellite links that store the data in a cloud server.

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