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Lou Addor

NC Eastern Sentinel Landscape Partnership & Adjunct Faculty COE

Anantha Aiyyer

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Jared Bowden

Senior Research Scholar

Chuck Flink

Executive In Residence

Jean Goodwin

SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Katie Mosher

Assistant Director /Communications

J. Nash

Seafood Technology and Marketing Specialist

Kirsten Paige

Asst Teaching Professor

Celen Pasalar

Assistant Dean for Research and Extension/Extension Associate Professor

Bill Rand

Assoc Prof of Marketing and Analytics / Exec Dir Bus Analytics Initiative

Dominic Reisig

Associate Professor & Extension Specialist

Traci Rider

Coordinator, Design Initiative for Sustainability and Health

Mahmoud Sharara

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

Eli Typhina

Assistant Director of the Environmental Sciences Program

Walt Wolfram

William C. Friday Distinguished University Professor