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David Andow



David Clark Labs NA


Ecologist David Andow began his new role leading the Department of Applied Ecology in August 2023. He served previously as a Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesota for 38 years. His research has focused on insect population and community ecology, ecological risk assessment of invasive species and genetically engineered organisms, insect resistance management and science policy. He graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Biology from Brown University and a PhD in Ecology from Cornell University before completing a post-doc at the National Institute of Agro-environmental Sciences in Japan. He has had long-standing cooperative research with Embrapa in Brazil, where he was for three years before coming to NCSU.

I am interested in learning about the coastal systems because they are the ones under the greatest threat from the climate crisis. Ultimately, I would like to contribute to systems level thinking about what can be done.