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Elisabeth Brown

Teaching Assistant Professor

SAS Hall 3244


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Date: 05/01/19 - 12/31/20
Amount: $44,890.00
Funding Agencies: John M. Belk Endowment

We embrace the Dana Center??????????????????s goals of ????????????????placing students into meaningful and rigorous math pathways and creating courses that accelerate the progress of underprepared students.??????????????? Proper placement of students in initial mathematics courses and opportunities to progress along different math pathways when their academic plans change are important components in the retention and timely graduation of our students at NC State, particularly our students in STEM disciplines. Institutional data provided by the University System Office identified two at-risk populations, transfer students and students taking precalculus or calculus during the spring semester. We seek to enhance the academic success of these students through two mechanisms recommended by the Math Pathways Task Force for the implementation of Recommendation #5 (Placement), by introducing a new placement process and by developing corequisite courses. Additionally, our proposed projects work toward addressing several priorities (-increasing the five-year graduation rate, increasing the number of critical workforce graduates and increasing undergraduate degree efficiency) that NC State has identified in our Performance Agreement.

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