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Travis Klondike

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Brooks Hall NA


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Date: 01/01/22 - 6/30/27
Amount: $2,092,237.00
Funding Agencies: US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

Rivers are the lifeblood of the communities throughout eastern North Carolina. The communities that occupy the edges of waterways owe their location and existence to the abundant resources provided by their corresponding rivers, tributaries, and floodplains. These natural features have made lasting physical and cultural impressions that continue to shape and influence both local community and greater region. Recognizing that rivers and communities are inseparable, the processes and products outlined in the following proposal are guided by a process referred to as a ????????????????floodprint????????????????????????????????? a landscape planning approach developed by the NC State University Coastal Dynamics Design Lab that addresses land/water relationships, including the powerful forces associated with flooding. The goal of each Community Floodprint is to help increase social and physical resilience within their respective focus area(s), specifically through recommending strategies that reduce flood risk, improve public safety, and enhance long-term environmental function within historically flood-prone areas. All aspects of the process aspire to co-create actionable plans used to attract resources that enable communities to forge ahead through the difficult tasks of rebuilding and preparing for future natural disasters.

Date: 04/01/23 - 10/31/24
Amount: $12,400.00
Funding Agencies: Whiteville, NC

Whiteville: Mollie's Branch Phase One The proposed scope of work to be completed by the CDDL includes the following: i) draft and issue RFQ/RFPs; ii) facilitate design review(s); iii) oversee compliance of permitting activities; iv) conduct site visits; v) coordinate deliverables and disbursement requests with selected vendor(s); and vi) complete project reporting requirements.

Date: 01/01/22 - 9/30/24
Amount: $125,000.00
Funding Agencies: US National Park Service

The ncIMPACT Initiative at the UNC School of Government will coordinate a project team to provide these deliverables: ??????????????? Design standards for local governments and training for local staff on these new design standards, ??????????????? Training communities to better link local disaster planning (hazard mitigation) to historic resource resiliency planning, and ??????????????? Disaster preparedness and response training for state agency personnel, local governments, and non-profit historic sites. The NC State University (NCSU) Coastal Dynamics Design Lab (CDDL) will take the lead in drafting information on best practices related to hazard mitigation and resiliency of historically significant built structures and landscapes. These activities may include articulation of non-structural, cultural- and heritage-based practices (i.e., historic sites, places of community memory, etc.). The CDDL will also take the lead on generating technical drawings, diagrams, maps, or other graphic illustrations identified by the team. Lastly, the CDDL will lead the design and assembly of the final document, with input and support from the team. The document will be formatted for distribution in digital and hardcopy formats.

Date: 01/01/22 - 12/31/23
Amount: $11,400.00
Funding Agencies: Attorney General of North Carolina

NC State University Coastal Dynamics Design Lab (CDDL) will complete grant administration and project management tasks as described in the awarded North Carolina Environmental Enhancement Grant (NC EEG) for the project titled: ????????????????Pollocksville Floodprint: Construction of Publicly Accessible Wetlands at Riverfront Park.??????????????? The CDDL will provide community technical assistance and administrative support to ensure that project reporting and fiscal oversight activities are executed in accordance with requirements set forth by the grantor. The CDDL will also assist the Town of Pollocksville in facilitating the following tasks listed in the approved NC EEG project timeline: draft and issue RFQ/RFPs; facilitate schematic design review(s); oversee compliance of permitting activities; conduct site visits; coordinate deliverables with selected vendors; create a maintenance plan; and assist with planning a community planting day.

Date: 01/01/21 - 12/31/23
Amount: $28,750.00
Funding Agencies: Attorney General of North Carolina

The CDDL will provide the City of Lumberton technical assistance and capacity building support for the following activities: ??????????????? Assist with the development and selection of third party project design consultants and contractors via a city-administered RFQ/RFP process ??????????????? Advise on project-related design, engineering and permitting activities ??????????????? Participate on internal project design reviews ??????????????? Assist with the development of a management plan for the project area

Date: 07/01/22 - 12/30/23
Amount: $26,100.00
Funding Agencies: NC Division Emergency Management Agency

The CDDL will provide community technical assistance and administrative support to ensure that project reporting and fiscal oversight activities are executed in accordance with requirements set forth by the grantor. This includes but is not limited to the completion of progress and final project reports; reimbursement requests and, as needed, the facilitation of payments made to vendors for professional services and project implementation activities per the approved budget. The CDDL will assist the Town of Pollocksville in completing the following tasks: draft and issue RFQ/RFPs; coordinate design reviews; oversee compliance of permitting activities; conduct site visits with selected vendors.

Date: 08/01/21 - 1/31/23
Amount: $25,000.00
Funding Agencies: Landscape Architecture Foundation

Too often, rural communities attempting to recover from or prepare for natural hazards lack the local economic and technical capacity to adequately respond to the systemic and emerging threats of climate change. As a result, many small towns in rural America are grouped en masse into planning strategies that remove people from direct environmental risks, but also from the places and social systems required for their full community health. This proposal highlights the need for in-situ adaptation to climate change as a viable and necessary alternative for community rebuilding and redevelopment, particularly in the rural context. This study will compare and contrast standardized, national disaster relief policies against constructs of rural ????????????????buying power??????????????? and geographic mobility patterns of disaster survivors to: i) illustrate the need for more inclusive, climate-responsive land planning solutions for rural communities; and ii) develop a transferable framework that describes actionable approaches landscape architects can take to support under-resourced rural communities achieve their recovery and resilience goals.

Date: 05/01/20 - 12/31/21
Amount: $150,000.00
Funding Agencies: NC Community Foundation

Recent efforts undertaken by the NC State University Coastal Dynamics Design Lab (CDDL) have provided various Eastern North Carolina communities with technical assistance focused on design and programming strategies for both short-term rebuilding activities and long-term resiliency planning. These efforts have successfully contributed to increasing local capacity related to aspects of community development, recreation and heritage-based tourism, management of public landscapes, navigating disaster recovery processes, and identifying and leveraging funding sources. Outcomes of these efforts include citizen engagement activities, policy and programming recommendations, planning reports and design plans, and construction and installation of numerous community amenities. The development and delivery of the Pollocksville Community Floodprint will advance these and other projects the CDDL has generated for and with Eastern NC communities. Outcomes of this research will focus on flood-risk reduction and enhancements to public safety, most specifically related to repetitive flood-loss properties and improvements to long-term environmental and civic functions within this historically flood-prone community.

Date: 09/01/20 - 2/28/21
Amount: $26,358.00
Funding Agencies: Conservation Purpose, LLC

This project will focus on the assessment of conservation purpose for an area surrounding and including a rural, 600+ acre golf course and housing development in Beaufort, North Carolina. Project objectives: ???????????????? Contribute expertise in land and water resource management to ongoing efforts to assist in advancing conservation and sustainable development practices. ???????????????? Draw on current research to inform the development of best practices capable of simultaneously protecting the site??????????????????s natural resources and promoting/leveraging its infrastructure assets. ???????????????? Explore planning, design, and management strategies to identify areas whose highest and best use may be protection via conservation easement. ???????????????? Develop transferable lessons and recommendations related to responsible and resilient land management tools and techniques in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern regions of the United States. ???????????????? Highlight the importance of research, planning, and design in protecting health, safety, and welfare.

Date: 09/13/18 - 12/31/19
Amount: $15,000.00
Funding Agencies: NC Community Foundation

The primary goal of this project is to continue community assistance activities in the Town of Princeville, North Carolina. Specifically, the project will work with community and agency county, state, and federal) partners to 1) design, fabricate, and install wayfinding and interpretive signage related to historic and cultural tourism sites and programs, and 2) design, procure, and (when appropriate) help install street trees in significant civic locations.

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