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William (Joe) Sagues

Asst Professor


D. S. Weaver Labs NA


Dr. Sagues is the Principal Investigator of the Biocarbon Utilization & Sequestration (BUS) Lab in the Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department at NC State University. He has experience in research, development, and demonstration of innovative bioprocessing technologies at corporations, startup companies, universities, and national labs. The BUS Lab takes an integrated approach to innovate technologies that utilize and sequester biogenic carbon, with a specific interest in waste materials generated along food production supply chains. The aim of his work is to leverage the bioeconomy for carbon drawdown. He is bridging fundamental advances in synthetic biology and chemical catalysis with bioprocess engineering to innovate carbon-negative bioproducts that range from feed, chemicals, fuels, and materials. When developing a new technology, the BUS Lab takes into account the entire technology-to-market pathway, starting with fundamental research and ending with commercialization. Such a comprehensive approach increases the odds of commercial success by eliminating developmental hurdles and pitfalls at an early stage.

Carbon-negative bioprocessing