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Deborah Littlejohn

Assoc Professor


Brooks Hall 316B


Deborah’s research investigates the role of design in improving our collective understanding of science among different stakeholders, communities, and knowledge domains, using methodologies that include: visual storytelling; knowledge mapping; data visualization; and participatory-user experience design, in tandem with digital technologies that foster engagement.


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Date: 07/01/16 - 6/30/17
Amount: $7,000.00
Funding Agencies: NCSU Faculty Research & Professional Development Fund

Visualization is one of the most central considerations in data presentation and communication because of its ability to synthesize complex information into useful, informative, and engaging graphic representations (Kelleher & Wagener, 2011). Despite the important role that visualization plays in data display and analysis, studies evaluating effective strategies for visualizing data ?????????????????? as well as understanding the different approaches among the disciplines ?????????????????? are rarely conducted (Morse et al., 2000). The scope of this research is defined by the overlap between information visualization, graphic design, and human-computer interaction (HCI), building upon relevant trends in these areas. Research in graphic design related to information visualization and HCI focuses on interactive and graphical representations intended to make sense of data (D????????rk et al., 2009). The objective of the proposed project involves the design and implementation of an interactive prototype for a visualization tool that will provide real-time navigation and exploration of large scale, multivariate datasets. Associate Professor Dr. Asimina Mila from the College of Agriculture & Life Science (CALS) Department of Plant Pathology has kindly volunteered as a collaborator in this project. Dr. Mila brings valuable expertise in data science and quantitative epidemiology; the idea is to use data from her previous research in the visualization explorations and user interface design proposed in this study.

Date: 03/31/14 - 5/15/15
Amount: $55,025.00
Funding Agencies: Laboratory for Analytic Sciences

DO3 Task Order 2.1 Collaboration

Date: 08/15/14 - 12/15/14
Amount: $15,000.00
Funding Agencies: SAS Institute Inc.

To discover insights and create innovation to enhance the user experience of SAS products and services.

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