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Huiling Ding


Tompkins Hall 131F


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Date: 09/01/19 - 5/31/21
Amount: $985,485.00
Funding Agencies: National Science Foundation (NSF)

The overall goal of this Phase 1 Convergence Accelerator (C-Accel) proposal is to develop what we know to be the first public-facing AI platform that assists individual workers and small employers with upskilling and career changes in a labor market increasingly characterized by automation, technological disruption, and AI recruiting. It will address key challenges faced by employees and employers in occupations most impacted by AI with labor market research, credential gap diagnostics, and support for job search and retraining in AI recruiting. Focusing on manufacturing in Phase I, we will develop and build support for an occupation predicted to lose about 20% jobs to automation by 2026, namely, machine operation hiring mostly male non-college workers. Exploring retraining resources, job search strategies in AI recruiting, and reemployment opportunities in related occupations requiring complementary skills, we aim to assist manufacturing workers with upskilling and retraining while developing educational materials to help prepare young generations for future jobs. Our innovative solution will be scaled up to a wide range of occupations and retraining programs in Phase II.

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