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Janice Bush DVM

Graduate Research Asst


CVM Research Building 436


I am a veterinarian scientist interested in the effects that coastal pollution and climate change play in the development of emerging and resurging infectious disease in marine animals, including immunological impact, role of environmental toxins and route of infection. My research focus is in neuropathologic disease as a cause of cetacean stranding and comparison of neurodegenerative disease in cetaceans to human Alzheimer’s disease. I am also interested in intestinal microbiotal differences between coastal and pelagic cetacean populations as a potential link to disease development and response to environmental impacts on diet. My educational background includes experience in working with wildlife, including fish and marine mammals in both field and captive environments.

I am interested in collaborating with researchers studying water quality, toxicology and climatic events impacting coastal ecosystems. Additionally, I am interested in how human impact affects disease development in coastal marine animal populations and how this can be ameliorated.