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Richard Venditti

Elis Signe Olsson Professor


Elis-Signe Olsson Professor of Pulp and Paper Science and Technology

Biltmore Hall (Robertson Wing) NA


Richard Venditti is the Elis-Signe Olsson Professor in Pulp and Paper Science and Engineering in the Forest Biomaterials Department at NCSU. He has 28 years of experience in research in the areas of renewable materials from plants, the bioeconomy, paper recycling, and environmental LCA. His research and teaching is involved in developing effective systems to transform renewable plant based resources into sustainable products. Venditti uses environmental life cycle analysis to guide and analyze research in bioproducts. He is currently heading a multi-organization research project to understand the fate of microparticles from laundering in the environment. He also is heading a $2.75 million dollar project on diversifying the bioeconomy workplace. Venditti received a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, was named a TAPPI Fellow in 2012, and was named a Fulbright Senior Specialist in Environmental Science in 2009. He has over 190 peer reviewed publications and three patents.


Our research group has investigated microfiber generation through laundering for a variety of fabric types including different fabric finishes. We utilize a lab scale simulated laundering device and household laundering devices. We have a FQA that can do automated evaluations of microfibers and also a SEM with EDS for characterization of fibers. We have also evaluated the biodegradability in lake, sea, and wastewater treatment plants of microfibers, plastics and other materials. We have determined the impact of microfibers on the microbiome of lake and sea water. We have developed educational activities for citizen science experiments for K-12 students.


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