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Sarah Spiegler


Coastal Resilience Specialist

NC Sea Grant

NC State Office of Research and Innovation

Center for Marine Sciences and NA


Sarah is the coastal resilience specialist for NCSG. She formerly served as the N.C. Sentinel Site Cooperative coordinator and a marine education specialist for NCSG, focusing on the impacts of sea level rise to North Carolina coastal habitats and communities. Sarah has worked on issues related to climate change and coastal resilience for over 10 years, and has collaborated with an extensive network of partners and stakeholders in North Carolina and nationally. She is based in Morehead City at the NCSU Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST).


coastal resilience, sea level rise, climate change, research and extension


Date: 02/01/18 - 1/31/23
Amount: $9,328,402.00
Funding Agencies: US Dept. of Commerce (DOC)

The North Carolina Sea Grant College Program integrates three university functions — research, education and outreach — into a cohesive, innovative, program that addresses priorities of the state’s numerous coastal communities. These include, but are not limited to: communities of individuals located along the 300 miles of oceanfront shoreline and those within the 20 counties designated by the Coastal Area Management Act; coastal and estuarine water- and land-based industries; the vast natural environmental resources including the 2.3 million acres of estuarine habitat that provide important ecological and cultural resources for the entire state. North Carolina Sea Grant (NCSG) positions itself at this intersection of research and outreach, working to ensure results are translated to actionable information in support of the varied stakeholders invested in North Carolina’s coast. Taking discoveries, demonstrations and experiential knowledge developed by experts and delivering those results to identified audiences is a model our program embodies. These efforts support improved understanding and appreciation of the near-shore and coastal ocean environment and the sustainable use and development of its resources. We join other coastal and Great Lakes states in a national network of Sea Grant universities charged with meeting the needs of society in our home state, our regions, and the nation as a whole.

Date: 05/15/20 - 5/14/22
Amount: $100,000.00
Funding Agencies: US Geological Survey (USGS)

The goal of this work is to initiate a paradigm-shift in the approach and interpretation of coastal marsh models to enhance natural resource management; one that will move from single model use to ensemble model application.

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