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Sheila Saia (she-her)

Associate Director


Research Building III 153


I work alongside a team of scientists at the State Climate Office of North Carolina at North Carolina State University. My current research uses data analytics (i.e., data wrangling, statistical and physically-based modeling, and data visualizing) to predict and minimize human impacts on water resources at regional and national scales. I’m passionate about open science and broadly interested in research questions exploring the relationships between humans, climate, and water resources (water quantity and water quality).

In general, I am interested in collaborating on research that explores the relationships between humans, climate, and water resources (water quantity and water quality). Specific areas of collaboration may involve (1) leverage data from nearly 50 Environment & Climate Observing Network (ECONet) weather stations across North Carolina and (2) improving access and usability of publicly available weather and climate datasets for decision making and natural resources management.


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Date: 10/01/21 - 9/30/23
Amount: $43,555.00
Funding Agencies: BHP Foundation

The State Climate Office will work with the Internet of Water, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, and other stakeholders to develop a Water Utilities Dashboard. The Dashboard will incorporate climate data and other water utility data. The SCO will perform eye tracking analysis with stakeholders to gather feedback about dashboard efficacy.

Date: 10/01/21 - 9/30/23
Amount: $86,024.00
Funding Agencies: United Soybean Board

We propose to develop a pilot Data Science Extension program at North Carolina State University, with a primary focus on data-driven soybean production. In the near-term, we will leverage our networks to interview stakeholder groups and identify grower interests and needs in data services and training, and use this information to prepare a vision and series of recommendations for Extension programs across the country regarding data science Extension programming. Additionally, we will develop a series of data science Extension products -- including tutorials, workshop materials, social media releases -- tailored for soybean growers. These products will be advertised through the Soybean Research Information Network to ensure national visibility and access. In the long-term, we will pursue additional funds to establish additional data-driven soybean research and Extension projects that serve the priorities identified through interviews held during this project, and advance the field and practice of data science Extension. USB funding is specifically sought to support personnel who will interview growers, summarize findings in a white paper, and prepare data-focused soybean Extension products.

Date: 04/07/20 - 4/06/23
Amount: $328,083.00
Funding Agencies: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

North Carolina State University shall provide support to Synoptic Data Corp (Synoptic) in the continuation of the National Mesonet Program. The National Weather Service (NWS) desires to continue delivery of the National Mesonet Program capability that meets the needs of a broad and diverse set of constituents across the weather enterprise. This capability will enable NWS to improve forecasts and warnings for severe weather, enhance numerical weather prediction capabilities, and achieve effective collaboration among disparate network operators to promote NOAA’s objective of a Weather-Ready Nation.

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